15+16 februari: International Symposium “Robotics and Remote Internal Inspection of Pressure Equipment”

Datum: 15/02/2023 11:30 - 17:00
Locatie: CO3 Campus, Zeelandlaan 2, 4538 CA Terneuzen
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SPRINT Robotics, onderdeel van KicMPi lid Quasset, organiseert dit 2-daags symposium en biedt KicMPi leden 10% korting.

International Symposium “Robotics and Remote Internal Inspection of Pressure Equipment”

We would like to invite you to attend the International Symposium “Robotics and Remote Internal Inspection of Pressure Equipment” on February 15-16, a mix of workshops, presentations, a networking dinner and an exhibition. 
Presentations will be given by an excellent line-up of experts from Dow, Equinor, HOIS, Shell, Eddyfi Technologies, Flyability, Terra Inspectioneering, viZaar and Waygate Technologies who will share their knowledge about remote internal inspections, ranging from RVI initiatives to recommended practices. We are pleased to announce that the keynote speech will be given by Jeff Sexton of Dow Chemical, who will present “Road to ZERO”.

The exhibitors list continues to grow. To date JIREH, Eddyfi Technologies, viZaar Industrial Imaging, Waygate Technologies , Dacon Inspection Technology and more  have confirmed exhibition space.

Would you like to be a part of shaping the future of remote internal inspections? The International Symposium will also include a series of workshops to address different themes around forming guidelines:

➡️ Cleaning for robots

➡️ Cameras

➡️ Personnel requirements for remote visual inspection

➡️ Ensuring good insurance coverage

Technological developments in Non-Destructive Testing are advancing, increasing the possibility of performing internal inspections without human entry on more pressure vessels. To be able to use new technical possibilities responsibly, it is necessary to arrive at widely supported and accepted guidelines for internal pressure vessel inspection as an alternative to human entry.
Moderators of the workshop sessions: Ekki Zwicker, Casper Wassink, Rutger van Duijn and Martijn Budding. 

The International Symposium is a joint effort by SPRINT Robotics and Dutch NDT organization KINT, and will be held in Terneuzen in the Netherlands on February 15-16, 2023.

For more information including where to register: https://sprintrobotics.org/international-symposium/.

Please note: SPRINT Robotics and KicMPi member companies receive discount codes for this event.

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