Project 6-25

The ambition to reduce 6 million tonnes of industrial carbon emissions by 2025



Supporting industry to be more efficient and competitive in 2025

Project 6-25 underlines the crucial role technology will play in successfully addressing the climate & energy challenges faced by society. By reducing industry’s carbon footprint and facilitating large-scale implementation of innovative technologies, it can make a lasting contribution to a more sustainable society. At the same time it can contribute towards a more competitive industry delivering innovative products and generating green jobs.

Dutch industry is facing large-scale transitions such as the rise of the hydrogen economy, the dawn of electrification and the roll out of carbon capture and storage. But the most fundamental form of sustainability is to use less energy through the increase of energy- and process efficiency.

New technologies which can improve process efficiency are – in contrary to hydrogen, electrification and CC(U)S – ready for large-scale rollout. Technology companies have a wide range of proven innovations which can be implemented right now. These innovations alone could help industry achieve a 6-milliontonne reduction in carbon emissions as soon as 2025.

The Project 6-25 program’s ambition is to support industry in achieving substantial reduction of their carbon footprint. It aims to achieve this through a programmatic approach for accelerating the implementation of well proven and energy efficient technologies with sound business cases through a smart co-operation of the entire supply chain.

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