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Traditional Control valve maintenance is based on revision during turnarounds and inspections during production. Both strategies cannot prevent some valves fail unexpected causing downtime. The UReason valve app monitors the health of the valves in near real-time and predicts the remaining useful life of the valve. The app reports issues periodically and provides the user with tools to decide which intervention should be taken to avoid downtime and high maintenance cost.


In most processes in the Chemical, Oil & Gas, Pharma, Food and Energy, (control) valves are a critical component. These bases of 100’s and in some cases 1000’s of valves are not (frequently) monitored. And many plants are depending on manual on-site inspections. With an increasing shortage of staff, current maintenance policies are not sustainable.

Downtime causes 5% production loss in the process industry. Valves play an important role. Downtime leads to:

• High unforeseen expenses ( ≤€2.5M )

• Productivity loss ( ≤20% )

• Stress and safety issues for employees

In addition, valves that are working suboptimal lead to significant product and energy losses.

The current solutions in the market are not adequate and have many shortcomings:

  • Siloed solutions that support only one brand of valves and includes data with manual preparation.
  • Solutions that need additional sensors
  • Complex IT solutions that require a long implementation time and extensive training
  • Traditional Process Control Systems missing (continuous) analysis and insight, asset-based benchmarking and integration into a CMMS

The solution

UReason has created an easy-to-use solution for Maintenance and Reliability Management as well as for Operations. Using only the Setpoint and Output (Valve position) of the controller of the control valves. If position feedback is not available, additional data on controlled measurement flow/level/pressure/temperature and environment is needed​. No additional sensors are required.

Based on our extensive expertise of valves, actuators, and the relevant processes, we have created intelligent models that use both domain knowledge and AI. The output could vary from a pdf report (in a basic version) to an online dashboard or job order in your CMMS for the premium version.

Added Value

Depending on your scope, the valve app is creating significant business cases. For maintenance, the valve app will enable you to switch from reactive maintenance to data-driven maintenance. Spending less hours on site and reducing unnecessary repairs. Or postponing significant replacements based on the actual remaining lifetime of the valve. 

With the Valve app you are also able to reduce product and energy losses significantly as well as your risks in maintaining seamless processes.

Benefits in short are:

  • Reduction of Energy/ Product losses
  • Accurate investment planning
  • Optimized Maintenance and turnaround planning
  • Reduction of on-site inspections

Lower risk due to early warnings



Company name: UReason

Contactperson: Jules Oudmans

Know more? www.ureason.com/control-valve-app/

About UReason

UReason’s mission is based on our belief that the use of AI can be simplified and You (as the User) should be able to use AI technology by yourself for monitoring, analyzing and predicting the outcomes of critical processes. Hence, results are obtained by combining AI with your expertise and ours, in real-time, intuitive with low/no coding.